This is the fourteenth conference focusing on issues related to antiepileptic drug and device (AEDD) development from preclinical discoveries through clinical evaluations. We are still in need of novel therapies for patients with epilepsy.  Specifically, there is a need for therapies that impact the underlying disease rather than treating symptoms (disease modifying or antiepileptogenic), and that benefit treatment-resistant patients. Increasingly, new therapies are focused on orphan populations, where the regulatory path has not been previously identified. New innovations in therapy may face roadblocks such as complex regulatory requirements, increased payer expectations, and issues in data quality, but progress has been made. At each AEDD conference, we re-evaluate strategies to ensure continued advancement. There is always the opportunity to learn from the past as we move into the future. This symposium will bring together representatives from academia, industry, the NIH, and the FDA to review what has been learned and to discuss strategies to enhance AEDD development. 

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